Take a look at some information to help you with your home buying needs. This comes courtesy of my broker's partnered lender Cross Country Mortgage.


Finding the right lender is key, we encourage all of our buyers to shop multiple lenders to find the right fit. The lending process can be tedious and a bit overwhelming even for experienced home buyers. Take some of the stress out and do your homework now. Knowing what documentation you will need in advance and gathering these documents early will take a lot of stress out of the process. Take control of your credit score and know what is impacting your score--boosting your credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate.


Rent Vs. Buy

Not sure if you are ready to buy yet? Take a minute to see what the advantages of buying are with a Rent vs. Buy calculator. Most don't realize the tax savings benefits of buying a home.



Home Buying Guide

Take a look at this informative guide explaining the home buying process from Pre Approval to getting keys to your dream home.



What Will it Cost to Purchase a Home?

So you are thinking about buying a home but want more information on how much cash you need to purchase a home and what a monthly payment will be. Check out this great Buyer Cost Mortgage Calculator.



Should I Pay Points to Reduce My Rate?

Always ask your loan officer what the Par Rate is. This is the current rate without buying down any points--paying points will cost and it may or may not be worth it depending on how long you will be in the home and the difference of the rate. Try this calculator out to help you make an informed decision.



FHA, Conventional, VA, 5/1 ARM?

There is no one right answer. Use this guide to help explore the different loan options to help you make the best decision. Being an informed buyer can help save you time and money on one of the largest investments most of us will ever make.



The Nelson Group Favorite Calculator: Early Mortgage Payoff

Take a look at what additional principle only payments will do to your payoff date. Better yet, look at how much money you will save by paying off your mortgage sooner than the typical 30 year term. This doesn't take thousands of dollars to make a big difference. Try putting an extra $100 towards principle each month when you make your regular monthly payment. Make your money work for you, take the time and set up a plan to pay down your mortgage faster. Remember you home is also an investment.



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